Biorhythms Screenshot
According to the theory of Biorhythms, we all have physical, mental, and emotional cycles that start at birth and continue regularly through life. This handy program will chart these cycles for any given day, using any birthday. You can store up to five frequently used birthdays and even calculate someone's age down to the day.

Whether or not biorhythms are a bunch of hooey, this is still a fun application to have on hand.

Here's what people are saying about Biorhythms...

One of "150 programs worth knowing about"
David Pogue, "PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide"

"Very fun! Kind of like a good horoscope."
Randy D.

"I have had Biorhythms on my Pilot since the first night I ownded it and plan on leaving it there."
Ian M.

"It has become one of my favorite utilities! Thanks for writing such a fun and user-friendly program (and at quite a good price as well)."
John P.

"What a great program!"
Shelley C.

"I really like your interface. It is very clear to read and easy to work with."
Ralph G.
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